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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making the Most Out of Lock Poker's Software

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If you do everything right you will find that Lock has some pretty good software.  I'll run through my setup.  I think heavy multitablers will find this especially useful:

-Under the general tab I have checked:
x Don't Prompt When Leaving Games.  If you accidentally click out of a game it can be a pain but overall I prefer this option much better for multitabling.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

-Under contacts tab:
There's not much to do here.  The friends & privacy is obv player dependant.  You might want  to setup the tags images differently.  For example, I labeled the crown as decent & the red chip as breakeven.

-Under the game tab I have checked:
x Auto Muck
x 4 Color Deck
x Show Winning Percentages
x Hide Hand Descriptions
x Show player chat (depends what your preference is)
Hand History:
x Keep Hand History
-Under display tab:
x Single
x High Graphics Quality (you may want to go lower if your PC is slower)
Depending on your setup you may want to play around with this tab.  I have 2 30" monitors & 2 20" monitors so I never tile, cascade, etc...  Games just come in w/ no overlap.  It's all a matter of preference & monitor setup.

-Under Buy In/Rebuy Tab:
I don't currently play any cash games so I haven't done anything with this tab.  If you do play cash you will certainly want to look into it.

-Under Sounds Tab:
x Play sounds only on my action (I think this one is an absolute must for multitablers.  Otherwise there's too many sounds going on & it's hard to tell when it's your turn on different tables.)

I think SNG players will find the all in button to be an amazing feature of the software.  When you hit the all in button it instantly bets your whole stack.  There's no clicking the table, then clicking all in, & then hitting enter nonsense.  It's 1 click & your goal is accomplished.

Now that you've changed your settings it's time to download MergeKeys:

The above link has temporarily been moved to http://ns2059.hostgator.com/~jl12345/

MergeKeys is an AHK program like Table Ninja.  It's currently in beta mode & is free.  I believe it's essential for multitablers.  Follow the instructions on the site & download MergeKeys.

Now let's talk about the MergeKeys settings:

Under pot betting tab:
-Setup the pot betting keys to whatever you would like.  I have 1/2 pot as F9, 2/3 pot as F10, 3/4 pot as F11, pot as F8, and all in as F12.  The way I have it setup I just keep my 4 left handed fingers minus my thumb on keys F9 through F12 so I have my pinky on F9 & pointer on F12.  If I want to take a certain action I then just press my finger down on the appopriate key.  If I want to bet pot I slide my pinky to F8 & if I want to register of deregister I slide my pinky to F7.  The 1/2 pot hotkey will also minraise preflop & I use the pot hotkey to 3x from the BB when a player limps HU. 
-Again, I don't use any of the mouse buttons, but I know players like voss1313 love them.  Figure out what your preference is & roll with it.  I might try setting my right mouse button to fold.
-Below that I the only thing I have on is Auto-fire bet/raise when pot betting buttons used.  If you have F9 setup for a 2/3 pot bet this allows you to simply press F9 and the bet will be done, rather than having to press F9 & then enter.

Under layout manager tab:
-Again, because of my monitor setup and preference I don't use this tab.  However, many of you will want to look into it.

Under player setup tab:
-Make sure you complete the auto setup before running MergeKeys.  You have to have the Lock Poker lobby open when you do this & I believe you have to click the Lock lobby after clicking auto setup.
-Also make sure you select the correct table mode you use.  I prefer normal but I know a lot of people prefer mini.

-Under donate tab:
If you like the software feel free to donate.

Under random beta keys tab:
-Table frame thickness: 1 (I'm not a fan of frames)
-Virtual Mouse Wheel: I don't use any of these but look into it if you're interested.
-On the right side:
-On: check if available when folding
-On: Handle Tourn SNG/Reg windows (This allows you to register & deregister from games with 1 click)
-SNG/Tournament register (lobby): F7 (This allows you to click on a game in the lobby & click a key on your keyboard to register for that game)
-On: auto-activate window under cursor (With this option you don't have to click the table before you make a bet.  Just move your mouse pointer to anywhere on the table & it activates that table.)
-On: Auto Time Bank (With this feature it's tough time timeout.  If you don't get to the table on time it automatically activates your timebank)

Depending on your setup you may want some different features on or off in that section.  For example, I think cash players will definitely want handle buy-in windows (cash only) on.


I haven't used it or talked to anyone who has but you may also want to check out MergeMods:

MergeMods allows you to use Full Tilt Sounds, Full Tilt carpets, etc... while playing on Lock Poker.

Now you're ready to optimally multitable on Lock Poker.

For those of you who like to give to those in need please visit:

Team Vogel was created by Joe Vogel, a friend of ours who passed away with Cancer.  It is being carried on by his family and they're having they're having a benefit later this month.  I'm looking into getting a Team Vogel banner for my blog.

GL at the tables.


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