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Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Update, Lock Pro Retreat

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July was an alright month at the tables, making a little under $12K at the tables pre rakeback in about 123 hours. Away from the table there was plenty going on. We had a bachelor party for 1 of my good friends where we got a keg, had a bags tournament, did some swimming, played some beer pong, grilled, & went to the bars. It's always a good time whenever we get a lot of our friends together. The nex day Paula & I left for camping for a week with her family. The weather certainly wasn't the greatest. We had a tornado warning the 1st night & lots of rain & thunderstorms. It was still fun though. The day we got back 1 of my good friends & his fiancee had a housewarming party, which was also a good time. The next week we had Paula's dads' surprise 50th birthday party, followed by our friends joint 30th birthday party with some drunken slip n slide action, & then the following day was Paula's sisters' 21st b-day. We were originally going to be leaving for camping again Thursday with Paula's oldest sister, her husband, & her husbands' sister but her sister had to go to the hospital w/ pneumonia. She stayed the night & is getting better. Yesterday we just ended up taking Gunnar for a walk & then having some drinks, grilling, playing some bags, & having a fire. Yesterday I had another bachelor party.  We played some yard games, grilled, drank heavily, & then headed to Toby Keith's bar & ended the night Dejavu, a strip club in Minneapolis where we got our friend on stage a couple times to get pounded by strippers.  Dejavu doesn't serve alcohol and you have to buy a drink when you get there, which costs $9, so we all got $9 waters.  Thanks.

I did have a lot of internet issues this month, which was pretty frustrating. It caused me to get disconnected quite a bit & your chips get robbed rather quickly in HU STs when that happens. Then I just stopped playing until a tech could come. Then the same thing happened a week later so they gave me a new modem. So far it's been good so let's hope that continues.

My friend vosh1313 has started up a new blog he'd like everyone to check out: http://vosh1313.blogspot.com/

One thing that really annoys me is that sites usually list MTT players "earnings" as their cashes, rather then actually factoring in buy-ins they paid for both tournaments that they cashed in and didn't cash in, and actually having their "earnings" be profit. In terms of marketing a player I completely understand using cashes as "earnings" as it makes the player look better, but there's lots of sites that aren't marketing players & just keeping stats that do this. To give an example of how silly this is, using the same criteria I have $702,574 in "earnings" this month. Of course the difference isn't as extreme for MTT players but it illustrates how ridiculous it can be.

For those that haven't heard, the bodog brand will be leaving the US market:

Lock signed 2 new pros this month, Chris Moorman & Nicky Evans: http://www.gambling911.com/poker/lock-poker-signs-chris-moorman-and-nicky-evans-lockpro-army-grows-072211.html
I think both will be great additions to the team.

Here's a recent interview that was done with fellow Lock Elite pro Jose "Girah" Macedo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W12wc8Fb7Sw
Girah has also started making training videos for pokerstrategy.com. His 1st video is free and can be found here: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/19725/

Lock also now has its own sponsored forum on 2+2: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/195/lock-poker/
You can get superior customer service there.

The FTP hearing has been adjourned until mid September & their license remains suspended, further adding to the frustration: http://www.parttimepoker.com/alderney-hearing-adjourned-until-mid-september-full-tilt-license-still-suspended

The November 9 is set for the WSOP main event. You can learn more about the players here: http://www.parttimepoker.com/the-november-nine-breaking-down-the-wsop-main-event-final-table

Lastly, since we have such an awesome owner at Lock she's renting out a castle for all of the lock pros to stay at for a lock pro retreat.  It's an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.  We'll be doing hellicopter tours, wine tasting tours, hot air balloon rides, and other activites.  I posted some pictures below.

July 2011:
122.9 hrs played
Pre Rakeback Profit: $11,608.03

Year 2011:
Pre rakeback Profit: $70,147.99

Year 2010:
1,759.11 hrs
SNG Profit: $134,514.80
Rakeback/Bonuses: $134,412.98
Total Yearly Profit: $268,927.78

Year 2009:
Hours: 1,577.65
SNG Profit: $(22,746.37)
Rakeback/Bonuses: $213,977.09
Total SNG Profit: $191,230.72
Staking: $42,219.80
Total Yearly Profit: $233,450.52

Year 2008 Online:
Hours: 1510.88
SNG Profit: $277,395.86
Rakeback/Bonuses: $178,589.61
Total SNG Profit: $455,985.47
Staking: $121,573.29
Total Yearly Profit: $577,558.76

Year 2007 Online:
Total Online Poker Profit: $251,388.84 (no staking in 2007)
Year 2006 Online:
about $65,000 playing on the side while in college