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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Interview Series: Pedro "SkyboyPT" Oliveira

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Fellow Lock Pro Pedro "SkyboyPT" Oliveira is my next interviewee for my new weekly interview series.  You can read the interview below.

How did you get started in poker?  How old were you?  What did you play?  How did you progress through the stakes and different games?

I started with some friends and with the moneymaker boom too.  I was 18 years old  and I started to play cash game 5 card draw (omg),then i started to play holdem and it was love that I felt for the game.  I always played tournaments and i think i got lucky, i scored some big money in the beginning. 

How have you gone about improving over the years?  Have you watched a lot of training videos?  Have you read a lot of books?  Have you done a lot of calculations?  Have you talked strategy with a lot of other players?

all my friends are poker players so we talk lots of poker and strategy ,didn't see lots of videos (my bad) ,and i hate to read books so ,i talk strategy with other players and i have an office with other poker players so it's is more easy 

How old are you now?

25 years 

What percentage of the games you play are MTTs as opposed to SNGs?  Do you play any other games besides MTTs and SNGs?

i was playing almost 100% of mtts ,but know i saw you playing hypers and clicking buttons and winning money so i started to play the 6 max and i am like top 5 in the world at my limits 

How many tables do you usually play online?

i normally play like 10 but when i grind sit and gos (not hypers) i can play 20 or more 

How many hours a week do you usually play?  How many hours a week do you usually spend on poker related activities besides playing?  (ex. studying)
lots of hours in the "office", we start the day making analysis from the day before and from some players etc ..probably 2 hours days 

How would you describe your style of play in MTTs?

i play really aggressive live ,online i play solid until i get a good stack & then i start to play aggressive ...i am a sicko :)

What kind of a computer setup do you have for playing?  Do you use any poker software?

i just play on my laptop .... some times i use HM ,not all the time ,and i use sharkscoop 

How many live events do you usually play each year?

it depends but like 13 14 

What was your biggest cash & how did it feel to win that much money in one tournament?

i think here i missed some big opportunities ..just got unlucky & was really close to big scores ..but i won some tournaments...my biggest score was 35k like 1 live and 1 online ...i bubbled emop FT and lost a big pot in the wsop for the chiplead ..but i am going to get there :)

What are your short term & long term poker goals?

my goal short term is printing money like jhub ,in long term is winning a big live event 

Do you have any plans of branching off into other forms of poker in the future?

no i love holdem baby 

At this point in your career does poker feel more like a hobby or a job?  Do you still enjoy the game as much as you used to?

now it's more like a job ...it's not that funny anymore , but i still like poker ,but like all in the beginning was really crazy about it 

How long do you plan on playing poker professionally?


How long have you been a Lock pro?  How has your experience at Lock been?

2 years more or less and i love lock and i love the team ,and Jennifer is probably the best boss ever ...life is good 

How has the popularity of poker increased in Portugal over the years since you started playing?

i think there is a big poker boom here ,but the problem in Portugal is that just the global economy and the boom come at the same time..but all people love poker here, it's crazy ...we are all super stars 

If you weren't playing poker professionally, what would you be doing to make a living?

i have a diploma on economy ..probably that or working for my own 

What do you like to do in your spare time besides poker?

i am a party animal ,and i love traveling so ...

What are your favorite movies and TV shows?  Who are your favorite bands/musical artists?

scarface ,don't wach tv ,i have a lot of i love guns oasis etc 

Thanks for taking the time to do this & good luck at the tables.

i thank you, really appreciate it ,i was saying good luck to you but you are god babt ....PRINTING MONEY :)

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